Service Course

Custom Cycle Solutions

Service Course Gent is a small bike workshop in Gentbrugge, 5 minutes outside of Gent centre. We excel ourselves in our attention to detail, focusing on quality and an individual approach in a very professional and personal way.

By offering the best components the industry has to offer, installed with a wide variety of tools that you’d find in any pro-mechanic’s toolbox. Put together with the invaluable experience we can guarantee that your bike(s) will be in prime condition.

Service Course Gent focuses on providing 3 main services.

Pro Race level service

For the riders, by the riders. At Service Course Gent (competitive) cycling is part of our lives. Whether you’re a daily commuter, weekend warrior, or full-time pro cyclist. We understand what it takes to get your bikes perfectly tuned for that Sunday stroll or those highlight races of the season. We offer several service packages, starting with a small tune-up and finishing off with a raceday-ready full prep of your bike.

Some of the things we have grown experienced in in the past years is full (wheel) overhaul, bearing service and replacement, finding that annoying creak and solving it, gluing tubulars, brake bleeding, Ceramic Speed upgrades, installing group sets: whether it’s mechanical, electronic or hydraulic. All with properly trimmed and hidden (Di2) cables.

Custom built bikes

We can guarantee that whatever new bike rolls out of SCG has it’s bearings greased, drivetrain tuned, cables trimmed, the whole sha-bang to make sure that your first riding experience is one to enjoy.

At SCG we’re very eager to help you build up your brand new high end frame or even that old vintage attic find. We’ll help you find whatever parts you may need, and finish it to your fitting and look you like. Even your brand new showroom bike/online order might not be assembled properly, so we can check and do it right for you.

If you’re looking into getting your frame a respray, we can hook you up with that too. We’ll do the disassembling, take it out to the paint booth of your choice and reassemble when finished.

Custom built wheels

When it comes to wheels it’s not about what the industry wants you to ride. It’s what YOU should be riding. At SCG we let you do the talking so we can decide what combination of rims, hubs and spokes will make up your future wheel set. All of this with ride quality and serviceability in mind. We strive for wheels best suited to your riding style and budget.

You don’t get what a product manager in a cubical somewhere thinks you need.